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Cast Iron vs Soap Stone Wood Stoves

December 07, 2011 at 1:41 PM

Soapstone Stoves provide heat long after the fire in the firebox goes out.  Certainly a cast iron stove will radiate heat longer than a steel stove after the fire goes out, but soap stone stoves go even beyond.  Stoves with soapstone on their cast exterior will be a very attractive addition to any room in the home.  They're available by manufacturers in wood, gas , and even pellet.   Consult with a hearth professional to determine the difference and your needs.  A reputable dealer should offer differnt lines of stoves and be able to show the best application for one's needs.

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Posted by Bernardo on
I've used baking soda and a nylon scrub pad on mine for years. Soft Scrub works, too and so does Dawn Power Dissolver for relaly burnt areas. Refrain from the temptation to use a blade or edge of any sort because it will leave a scratch that will attract more gunk. Keep up the conditioner like you have been it keeps stuff from pitting the surface.
Posted by PatrickIterm on
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